Canada Bikes is a growing and dynamic organization providing a strong national voice for everyday cycling in Canada.

Our vision is straightforward: We envision a Canada where people of all ages and abilities can cycle safely, conveniently and enjoyably to/from/within any community in the country.

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By now, we should all know that the benefits of cycling clearly justify a massive investment in bicycle-friendly infrastructure. And we know, in turn, that Canadians will use it. We also know that countries that take cycling seriously (by enacting coordinated policy at the highest level) are places where riding a bicycle becomes both safe and popular. That’s why we have two short-term priorities: a national cycling policy for Canada and increased cycling infrastructure funding across the country.

In short, we want to see every community in Canada become bike-friendly and we want Canada to join the long list of countries with a national cycling strategy. To do that, we plan to continue to work collaboratively with industry, NGOs, educational institutions and all three levels of government to make it happen. Together, we can rapidly improve conditions for anyone in Canada who wishes to take their next trip by bicycle.

You can help.

If you would like to join us, or support our work, please visit us here. Even more importantly, find out more about your local or provincial cycling organization and get involved.