Our Priorities

Canada Bikes is a growing and dynamic organization providing a strong national voice for everyday cycling in Canada.

Our vision is straightforward: We envision a Canada where people of all ages and abilities can cycle safely, conveniently and enjoyably to/from/within any community in the country.

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We have identified two high priority strategies to help Canada achieve this goal: the adoption of a national cycling policy for Canada and the creation of a federal cycling infrastructure fund.

Why? We know that the many far-reaching benefits of cycling clearly justify the rapid construction of the quality infrastructure networks that guarantee safety and convenience.  Countless opinion surveys have made it clear that Canadians will use it.  Finally, we know that countries that enact the right mix of coordinated policy and funding at the highest level become countries where riding a bicycle is both safe and popular.  Cycling in Canada is ripe for a meteoric rise.


Canada Bikes is a federal not-for-profit corporation established in 2012. The organization consists of representatives from cycling organizations across Canada as well as active transportation and sustainable mobility professionals who have come together for common causes: to get more Canadians cycling, be it for transportation, recreation or touring, to get more urban and rural bicycle infrastructure built that enables and supports this, and to facilitate dialogue in Canada on cycling, using science and evidence-based national and international research, benchmarking, best practices and policies.

Learn about more about the board of Canada Bikes and what we do. If you like what you see, consider becoming a member of Canada Bikes.




Canada Bikes gratefully acknowledges the support Mountain Equipment Co-op. A substantial capacity-building grant in 2016-2017 is helping us grow our reach across all of Canada and work cooperatively with our partners to build a better Canada for cycling.

Canada Bikes is proud to be supported by The Co-operators, an organization that knows the importance of collaborative advocacy at a national level and who shares our vision of a Bike-Friendly Canada.


Canada Bikes gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canadian Automobile Association who have helped make events like Bike Day in Canada possible and who are strong partners in advocating for safer roads for all.

Your support can help us do great things for Canada. To learn more about the projects we are working on and discuss ways to help make them happen, please contact our Executive Director.