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Track the Pedal Poll 2021 Count Data Feed

Below you can find the count dashboard! The data below, provided by the CounterPoint team, is updated once an hour and you can track the counts counted by the Pedal Poll team to date through it. Please note that these statistics are not the official count results nor is this the final research report. This data has not been analyzed yet and does not include any paper counts. You can expect an announcement when the official research report is available.

Update (June 2nd, 2021): Due to the large volume of data and how that affects the dashboard loading speed and efficiency,  we have temporarily disabled the option to track the specific count data (Perceived Age, Ethnic Origin, and Gender) and are now only displaying the data overview, map, and feed. 

Pedal Poll is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

We thank the following organizations for their generous contributions to Pedal Poll:

Vélo Canada Bikes
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Thank you to everyone who has participated in Pedal Poll 2021! The count has been completed and registration is closed until further notice.