Michael Cranwell

Having been involved in and around cycling for well over 3 decades (from

Michael Cranwell

being a racer, commuter and someone who identifies themselves as a cyclist), I’ve seen a great deal of change in how the bicycle can be a catalyst for many positive opportunities.

I’ve taken my passion for cycling from a past time, into something that impacts all aspects of my life. My sport, my community, my lifestyle and my career all center on the bicycle.

We are at a crossroads with regards to cycling in our country and I believe that the time is right to help create a singular voice for all in Canada who cycle. I also feel that we need to develop better programs of education for all users of the road with a basis on safety, health, the environment, infrastructure and respect for each other.

Michael is :

General Manager and New Business Development, Gears Bike Shop
Founder & President of the LapDogs Cycling Club & Race Team
Vélo Canada Bike, Board Member (Present)
Ontario Cycling Association, Board Member (Past)
Canadian Independent Bicycle Retail Association, Board Member (Past)