2021 Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is coming up on September 26th. Here is everything you need to know. Thanks for being part of the Vélo Canada Bikes family and for your interest in the work we do.

When: Sunday, September 26, 2021 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Who: Everyone is welcome to attend! Note: only members can vote. We appreciate every single member. To check your membership status, contact us at Membership@CanadaBikes.org

How: Registration required to attend. Please note that multiple members of organizations may attend, but only 1 vote per organization will be counted unless individuals have single memberships.

1. Call to Order
2. Special Guest (TBA)
3. Report from the Chair
4. Financial Report
5. Nominations
6. 2-minute updates from across Canada
7. Election Results
8. AGM Adjournment

Elections: We are currently seeking board members, specifically someone with a legal background or financial / treasurer experience. Elections are open to members across the country. Apply today!

Help to Create a #BikeFriendlyCanada.

Join the Vélo Canada Bikes Board!

Position: Board Member

Type: Volunteer Director Position 

Organization: Vélo Canada Bikes (VCB) 

Website: http://www.canadabikes.org  

Location: anywhere in Canada 

VCB is a not-for-profit organization, federally incorporated in 2012.

We are the national voice for commuting, touring and recreational cycling.

Our mission is to:

  • be an effective, national voice for cycling issues, including increased funding, improved infrastructure, legislation and programs
  • share knowledge and best practices with provincial and territorial advocacy organizations

  • build awareness for the benefits of cycling at all three levels of government

  • provide expertise, consulting and resources to organizations and municipalities

  • develop research and educational opportunities in the cycling knowledge sector
  • Role of Board at Vélo Canada Bikes 

    Board members are responsible for the effective governance of the organization including the pursuit of its mission and objectives and adherence to its core values. Board Members act as part of a team to ensure sustainability of the organization.

    VCB’s board is comprised of up to 16 individuals with a diverse set of disciplines and expertise.

    Each member of the Board of Directors is expected to:

    • assist in fundraising activities and bring good relations and contacts to bear in the development of the financial health of the organization
    • monitor the performance of the organization in relation to the plans
    • prepare for and regularly attend monthly board meetings held via conference call
    • assist in fundraising activities and bring good relations and contacts to bear in the development of the financial health of the organization
    • prepare for and regularly attend monthly board meetings held via conference call
    • participate in annual and long range planning for the organization
    • monitor the performance of the organization in relation to the plans
    • review, clarify and amend the mission and objectives of the organization, as needed
    • develop, amend and approve by-laws and governing policies
    • be a member of at least one committee
    • act in good faith and in the best interests of the organization at all times
    • work as a team member and support Board decisions

    In general, all applicants should demonstrate:

    • knowledge of the community served by the organization
    • commitment to organization’s mission
    • adequate time to follow through on all Board commitments
    • willingness to contribute and to learn


    Board Members are expected to consider VCB a development priority and help the organization credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations and individuals.

    Time Commitment 

    Monthly board meetings plus at least 4 hours of committee work per month, after initial period of orientation to VCB.

    Specific Needs

    In addition to the above roles for a potential director, we would particularly welcome applications who:

    • have accounting/financial and/or legal experience
    • represent northern and eastern Canada


    Two year commitment, elected at the Annual General Meeting in the Fall.

    How to Apply 

    Please apply by filling in the application  

    Alternatively, please contact VCB to apply by letter with your CV. You will be asked to prepare a current bio and introductory letter that addresses the following:

    • Your interest and motivation for serving in this position
    • Your relevant knowledge and expertise (fundraising, community engagement, social enterprise, legal, accounting, etc.)
    • Your experience with non-profit organizations, including past service on boards
    • Your willingness to contribute the necessary time to carry out board duties

    If possible, please include the names of 2 VCB members who are willing to nominate you.

    National Active Transportation Strategy Announced

    On July 28th, the Government of Canada announced the National Active Transportation Strategy. Chair Anders Swanson was there for the monumental announcement that was made possible by years of advocacy of our members, our sponsors, National Summit attendees and countless partner organizations across the country. If you missed the announcement that featured The Honourable Catherine McKenna (Minister of Infrastructure and Communities), Andy Filmore (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities and many others, watch it now. Note the start point is 18 minutes in, and you will need tissues.

    The application portal and supporting Hub are not yet live, but the application guide is now available. Of note, based on the feedback obtained during the Vélo Canada Bikes Regional Stakeholder Roundtables earlier this year, planning and programming have been included. There are also opportunities for non-profit organizations to apply, but must be supported by either a municipality, region, provincial or territorial entity, etc.

    So what can advocacy organizations do? Our role now should be helping municipalities strategically towards a vision for their projects. Cities and towns across Canada will have varying levels of capacity and knowledge, with very differing levels of existing infrastructure. When in doubt, you can refer planners back to the National Active Transportation Strategy. The hub, once live, will be a place to discuss ideas, share best practices, ask questions, seek guidance. This is a public portal, so visit often and participate!

    Again, thank you to all of our partners, members, sponsors, summit attendees, board members both past and present, our executive directors (past and present) and collaborators for helping us reach this pinnacle. The real work now begins!

    Active Transportation Announcement

    This morning Minister McKenna and Parliamentary Secretary Fillmore announced moving forward with the National Active Transportation Strategy and the creation of a $400 million Active Transportation Infrastructure Fund. This announcement is a very important step for cycling in Canada, and somthing we have been advocating for, for what feels like a very long time. 

    $400 million will thus be devoted over five years to communities for projects across Canada for the development of cycle or pedestrian paths or paths in natural environments, for example.

    Vélo Canada Bikes has been at the forefront in calling for this strategy and a dedicated funding stream specifically targeted to cycling and active transportation. Last March, the federal government announced their intention to move forward with a national AT Strategy. Over the past 12 months VCB has been engaged with the government and other stakeholders, emphasizing the need for both an inclusive strategy and dedicated funding. 

    There will be further consultations with Infrastructure Canada on the AT Strategy Framework over the next couple of weeks. Vélo Canada Bikes will be hosting sessions right across the country with Parliamentary Secretary Andy Fillmore to discuss the strategy, answer questions, and get feedback. Watch for an invitation coming to an inbox near you! If you aren’t a member or newsletter subscriber, now is the time.

    With this announcement we have the opportunity to transform and build sustainable, accessible, inclusive, and safe communities all across Canada. There are more details to come, and VCB will share them with you as we know them. 

    Again, watch for invitations soon for a session in your region. 

    Thank you for your support of Vélo Canada Bikes, and work that you have done locally to get us to today. 

    e-Bikes & Micro-Mobility

    Transport Canada has made the decision to step away from defining and regulating e-bikes as of February 2021. Since this decision was communicated in February of this year, VCB has been engaging stakeholders to understand the scope and impact of this decision. 

    Our main concern is that the lack of country-wide definitions could lead to a mish mash of regulation across the country, with each province and territory taking their own path. We are already beginning to see that occurring in the discussions happening now. 

    Having harmonized definitions of e-bikes across Canada benefits everyone. Having different regulations in each province will act as a barrier for manufacturers and retailers getting their bikes to market. And this is a huge market! Over the past several months e-bike sales have exploded across Canada. While bike sales have increased significantly, it is the e-bike market that has shown the most growth. 

     Vélo Canada Bikes sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on behalf of our cycling advocacy partners asking for a stop to the repeal of the federal definitions and to work together to have a more cohesive approach to e-bikes and micro-mobility. 

    We look forward to a response to our letter and engaging with our partners and stakeholders further to support a bike friendly Canada.

    Letter to the Prime Minister

    MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR: Brian Pincott Announced as Interim Executive Director

    Read as PDF

    September 25, 2019

    Dear members, supporters and friends,

    It is with extreme pleasure that I am letting you know that Velo Canada Bikes has hired Brian Pincott as our Interim Executive Director, starting right away. Brian will be with us as ED for the next 6 months to help map the future of VCB.

    Brian brings a wealth of experience to the work, as well as a strong commitment to our shared vision. He was a City Councillor at the City of Calgary from 2007 to 2017. In that time, he championed cycling as a transportation option for the city. His work culminated with the installation of the downtown Cycle Track Network in 2015. In his work as City Councillor, he served on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. In his work with FCM, he has been on Parliament Hill many times, navigating the ins and outs of the politics of The Hill. His work at FCM was mostly focused on developing a National Housing Strategy, which the Federal government announced in November 2017. Since leaving City Hall in the fall of 2017, he has moved to Winnipeg to be with his partner, a professor at the University of Manitoba. 

    We are at an exciting time at VCB, as we chart our way to building on our amazing success in our short existence. VCB has raised awareness of the need for a comprehensive approach to cycling as a viable transportation choice for citizens. With the increased urgency around climate change, VCB is positioned to be able to respond quickly to offer transportation solutions and options to all orders of government.  We look forward to working with Brian over the next several months to build VCB into a sustainable organization and ensure that VCB is the national go-to voice for cycling as transportation. Many of you will be hearing from Brian directly in the coming days and months. 


    Anders Swanson, Chair

    Annual General Meeting 2019

    Our AGM is coming up on September 28th. Here is everything you need to know. Thanks for being part of the Vélo Canada Bikes family and for your interest in the work we do.

    When: Saturday, September 28, 2019 5:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Who: Everyone is welcome to attend! Note: only members can vote. We appreciate every single member. To check your membership status, contact us at Membership@CanadaBikes.org

    RSVPs appreciated: please email membership@canadabikes.org to let us know. If you are representing a membership organization, let us know!

    What to expect: Join us for a special guest presentation by Tony Arnold (Sydney, AUS) stay for the formalities and meet new people! Agenda is below.
    1. Call to Order
    2. Special Guest (Tony Arnold)
    3. Report from the Chair
    4. Financial Report
    5. Nominations
    6. 2-minute updates from across Canada
    7. Election Results
    8. AGM Adjournment

    You can review the minutes from the 2018 Vélo Canada Bikes Annual General Meeting.

    On a computer? Use this Zoom Meeting link to join the meeting.

    On a phone?

    Dial by your location
            +1 647 558 0588 Canada
            +61 8 7150 1149 Australia
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            +1 720 707 2699 US (Denver)
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    Meeting ID: 825 075 573
    Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/anMzXCAoG

    Other information: We accept nominations to the Board of Directors from the floor and in advance. If you are interested in nominating someone or joining the board, contact info@canadabikes.org for more information. Nominees expressing interest in joining the board prior to the AGM will be updated here, so check back often! You must be in “virtual” attendence to vote or stand as a nominee.

    Canadidates for 2019-2021 Vélo Canada Bikes Board

    Kathy Manners – ON Social Innovation consultant and owner, Pedal People

    Kathy is a results-oriented, values-based community leader and entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. She has worked in both the private sector at 3M Canada and public sector with the Ontario Public Service, along with contributing extensively in the non-profit environment.

    Kathy has extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Organizational Development and Marketing/Communications and is one of a handful of Canadians who have completed graduate work in social innovation. 

    Kathy was the chair of the board of the The Sharing Place Food Bank, Community impact chair and board member for the United Way, chair of the Patient Advisory Council for Soldiers Memorial Hospital and board member for two international boards that support social impact in Guatemala and Burma, in addition to other volunteer experiences. 

    In 2018, Kathy and her cycling pals rode for 82 days and 4802kms from Victoria BC to St. John’s NFLD to experience all that is Canadian. When she returned, she created Pedal People, an urban cycling fashion line with the vision to bring beauty to the bike.

    Doug Hoover – ON Criminal Lawyer, Federal Department of Justice

    Doug is a practicing lawyer and started his career working as a legislative assistant for Ged Baldwin, a federal member of parliament from 1979 to 1983. Doug then became the Director of Government Affairs for Sulpetro Limited and then the Special Assistant, Hon Tom Siddon, Minister of Indian Affairs. In 1993, he opened his own law practice in Ottawa and focused on criminal and human rights law. Prior to 2000, Doug was also a political volunteer and worked with the Rt Hon Joe Clark (1985 – 1990); the Hon Harvie Andre (1988); and the Indian Association of Alberta (1989-1992).

    Since 2000, Doug has been the Counsel to the Attorney General of Canada, in the Department of Justice, Criminal Law Policy Section. In this role he has developed complex policy and legislative options for federal senior Ministers to adopt and present to Cabinet and Parliament. This experience has given Doug unique capabilities to identify how best to develop, present and market policy options that would achieve improvements in the lives, not only of cyclists, but of every Canadian.

    Doug is also the president of Justbike/Justebike (2008-present) and has been a year-round commuter cyclist and competitive cyclist for the past 40 years.

    Sam Starr – BC Engineer, Cargo Bike & Cycling Logistics Consultant

    Sam is the founder of Critical-Mobility, a Vancouver-based business with a mission to advance the use of cargo bikes and cycling logistics systems across North America. A recent graduate of the Master of Engineering Leadership program in Urban Systems at the University of British Columbia, Sam is passionate about sustainable cities and mobility solutions. Sam holds two other degrees, in electrical and Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

    Sam spent 12 years designing, engineering, and implementing solutions in the supply chain and logistics industry, with companies from FedEx to U.S. Pack, to global 3PLs, integrators, and service logistics providers. He has focused on global logistics as well as final mile delivery, and understands supply chain needs, including in the service industry.

    Based in Vancouver BC, with a personal passion for cycling, Sam’s work experiences, interests, and passion have led him to pivot into accelerating the adoption of e-bikes, cargo bikes and cycling logistics. Sam feels that cycle logistics is the solution to urban freight issues in cities and that we need to align policy makers and planners to make this vision a reality.

    Board Members Seeking Another Term

    Darnel Harris ON
    Dea Van Lierop QC / Netherlands
    Kimberley Nelson AB
    Fiona Walsh BC
    Tegan Moss ON
    Richard Campbell BC

    To learn more about existing members, visit Board of Directors.

    We hope to see you there!

    The Path Forward – A Winter Cycling Congress Warm Up

    Going to be in Calgary for the Winter Cycling Congress next month? Join Vélo Canada Bikes for a pre-event gathering to prepare for the 2019 Federal Election to ensure that bikes are on the agenda for all parties. Grab a bite, a pint and get ready to engage in some fun activities while we welcome delegates from around the world to Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

    2019 National Bike Summit Sponsorship Package

    Interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2019 National Bike Summit May 13-14 in Ottawa, Canada? The summit sponsorship package is available now.

    Thank you to our returning sponsors The Co-operators, Outdoor Gear Canada, SRAM, and more! We are also thrilled to announce Shimano Canada as the event’s gold sponsor this year.

    You’ll hear lots more as we continue to work on the event.  If you want to learn more about the conference itself and get a few preliminary details,  see the save the date message.

    AGM 2018

    Vélo Canada Bikes 2018 Annual General Meeting Agenda

    Sunday, September 9, 2018, 14:00 – 16:00 EST

    Conference call: using ClickMeeting with dial-in option.

    ClickMeeting location: https://canadabikes.clickmeeting.com/canada-bikes-agm-2018

    Please try to connect up to 15 minutes prior to meeting start so that we can sort out any connection problems prior to meeting start.
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