Our Priorities

Our current work hinges around two goals:

The establishment of a National Cycling Strategy.

The establishment of a National Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Fund.

Every year we also run Bike Day in Canada. Check out last year’s event.
The 2017 edition promises to be better than ever.

To learn the latest developments or to get involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Since incorporating in 2012, Canada Bikes has worked behind the scenes, producing several documents and submissions to government agencies and Members of Parliament (MPs) in support of active transportation, cycling infrastructure and road safety initiatives.

To stay on top of our recent activities, see our latest news postings and follow us on social media. Some of our earlier activities are listed below, but this section is no longer updated.

Canada Bikes Submission to Canada Transportation Act Review [pdf]

Canada Bikes Response to the Minister of Transport regarding Truck Sideguards and Dedicated Cycling Paths [pdf]

View the Standing Committee on Transport Canada Bikes submission as well as a list of other submissions by Canada Bikes to the federal government.

Letter of Support for Private Member’s Bill C-344, an Act to amend the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (sideguards) [pdf]

“The Importance of Cycling Infrastructure in Long-term Infrastructure Planning: An addendum to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Long-Term Infrastructure Plan (LTIP) Submission” [pdf]

“Investing In Cycling Infrastructure: Good For Our Health and Good For Our Economy – Submission by Canada Bikes to the Federal Long-Term Infrastructure Plan Roundtables” [pdf]

Canada Bikes also proposes a National Cycling Research Centre, to facilitate the creation of a Bicycle Caucus in Parliament and calls on the federal government to develop a National Cycling Strategy. Towards this, Canada Bikes is helping to organize Bike Day in Canada.

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