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Our members make us who we are.  Canada Bikes offers several annual membership options. Whether you are an enthusiastic individual or representing an organization that shares our vision, become a member today! Your support helps ensure our voice has meaning and helps make it clear to all that Canadians see cycling as a national issue.

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What do you get in return? Simply put, Canada Bikes will work hard for what matters to you.

As an individual, you get to help shape the country you want to live in. When you support us, you are helping is achieve a shared goal with power to change how we live for the better.

Our organizational members care about building a bike-friendly country and it shows.

If you are a local cycling advocacy organization, you get a strong voice at a national level with the experience and focus needed to address federal politics and the big picture. Canada Bikes is full of people active at their local level. They know there is only so much time for every project or plan that needs a voice. We are yours at the national level.

If you are a business looking to support/attract employees/clients who ride to work (or who recognizes that a bike-friendly Canada is good for business, period), you get to demonstrate your leadership.  If you are an engineering, manufacturing, planning, retail or distribution company, you benefit directly because we want to see you busy selling bikes and building bike lanes.

If you are a non-profit organization at work in a sector like health or the environment, you probably know all about what more bikes can do for you and will see what we do as part of the solution.

As a local government, you get to help shape national policy affecting you, send a message about your approach to cycling and are taking a small step forward for your citizens.

Membership has other benefits too, like discounts for your employees on future fees for national conferences that we organize (such as the Bike Summit in Ottawa) or the chance to be involved in Canada Bikes-led programs and funding opportunities.

Don’t hesitate to ask what we’ve been up to, ask us what we have to offer or engage in a discussion on social media. And again, if there is one near you, be sure to become a member of your local advocacy organization too.

Ready to join us?

Membership Fees

Our membership structure is changing. Below is a draft categorization. If you are representing an organization you will notice that things have changed to help us keep up with our growth and offer more targeted membership options. Tell us what you think!



You believe a bike-friendly Canada is possible. You ride a bike or you wish you could or you just want things to be better for everyone.

Individual – Concession (Senior/Student/Fixed-Income)

Individual – Non-voting*

You know bikes are good for all kinds of business. Your customers and/or your staff need somewhere safe and convenient to ride.  We want to keep you working . . . a lot. Become a member, get kudos for showing support a bike-friendly Canada.

Bike Shop

Volunteer-Run Bike Shop

Bicycle Manufacturer or Distributor – Regular

Bicycle Manufacturer or Distributor  – Over $1M in Annual Sales

Bicycle Infrastructure Design, Engineering, Planning, Construction & Supply

Other Business (1 to 10 employees)

Other Business (10-500+ employees)
$100 + $2 annually per capita** above 10 employees

All businesses may consider sponsoring specific Canada Bikes-led initiatives (such as the next National Bike Summit). Some may want to support us even more by becoming an ongoing funding partner. If so, please contact us.


Cycling Advocacy Organization (volunteer)
Let us help you grow!

Cycling Advocacy Organization (with paid staff)
min.$60 + per capita
Let us do some of the heavy lifting at the national level for you!  Larger, established organizations may be in a position to contribute more on per capita basis. We want to grow with you. As a guide, we recommend that membership organizations contribute $0.05 cents per member (or for non-membership based organizations, 0.25% of your annual budget). Your support helps keep Canada Bikes strong; the fees help keep membership affordable for less developed advocacy organizations in the network.

Academic Institutions and NGOs (health, economics, environment, etc)
Most academic Institutions can become a member at the set fee. If you represent a large organization, see value in our work and have the capacity to support us at a higher funding level, please contact us. We love to partner. If there are things you think we can do together, let us know!

Governments like Municipalities and First Nations are welcome as members. Fees are commensurate with population.

Population 1,000 to 9,999

Population 10,000 to 29,999

Population 30,000 to 49,999

Population 50,000 to 99,999

Population 100,000-199,000

Population  200,000+

If thinking of registering on behalf of a local government, please contact us for further details on what we can offer those who join Canada Bikes.  We’d love to learn what you have done lately and ask specifics on how we can help.

*Certain memberships make you eligible to vote at member meetings and our Annual General Meeting. Class B Members as per the By-laws (Section 2 – Membership, 2.01 Membership Conditions)

**less than one one-way city bus ticket each in most Canadian communities

And if you aren’t yet ready to become a member, or you just want to get involved and do something special together, or would like to talk about sponsorship instead, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Become a Member

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